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Should I apply for insurance through the FAIR Plan?

  • Anyone owning residential or commercial property in the State of Washington can work with a licensed insurance agent to apply to the FAIR Plan for coverage on the building and may choose to also apply for coverage on personal property.
  • Renters can apply for coverage on personal property.
  • Applicants are encouraged to seek insurance in the standard market before applying to the FAIR Plan.
  • The maximum amount of insurance offered by the FAIR Plan at any one location is $1,500,000.
  • Most consumers who get a policy through the FAIR Plan are in one of the following situations:
    • They have filed 2 or more claims in recent years and their current policy is being non-renewed
    • Someone has filed a liability claim against them, such as for a dog bite, and now they can’t find insurance
    • They didn’t have insurance on the dwelling, but have decided to buy a policy now
    • Their insurance policy is being non-renewed due to maintenance issues at the dwelling and they need more time to make the repairs
    • They live in a wildfire area or on an island and can’t find insurance
    • Their dwelling is older and may need updating, or doesn’t meet current building codes, but is structurally sound
  • Most commercial buildings insured by the FAIR Plan:
    • Are older buildings with some maintenance or code compliance issues, or
    • Have filed 2 or more claims in recent years and the current policy is being non-renewed

How do I find a Producer (“Insurance Agent”)?

  • To apply to the FAIR Plan, applicants are required to work with an insurance producer who is licensed in Washington State
  • The “Application for Inspection and Insurance” can be filled out and printed from this website, but must be signed by the applicant(s) and the insurance producer
  • Any insurance producer can assist you regardless of which standard companies they represent
  • Applicants generally work with their current agent, or find an agency or brokerage convenient to their home or office
  • Any agent/broker is your representative and is not an agent of the Washington FAIR Plan
  • See FAQs tab for additional information


To be eligible for coverage, the property must be located within the State of Washington. The property must also meet reasonable underwriting standards; if it does not, the FAIR Plan may decline to write coverage. Underwriting standards include consideration of numerous factors, including but not limited to:

  1. Physical condition of the property, such as its construction, heating, wiring, evidence of previous fires or general deterioration.
  2. Its present use or housekeeping, such as vacancy, overcrowding, storage of rubbish or flammable materials.
  3. Other specific characteristics of ownership, condition, occupancy or maintenance which are violative of public policy and result in unreasonable exposure to loss. Neighborhood or area location or any environment hazard beyond the control of the property owner shall not be deemed to be an acceptable criterion for declining a risk.
  4. Farm and manufacturing risks are not eligible for coverage.


Coverage is available for both structures and contents of Dwelling and Commercial properties. A brief description of the available coverage is shown below. The FAIR Plan does not provide theft or liability coverage nor are time element coverages such as fair rental value or business interruption written. Coverage is written under the standard industry fire insurance policy on an actual cash value basis. Replacement cost coverage is not available. The maximum amount of coverage available at any one location is $1,500,000.

Dwelling Fire Policy – Perils Insured Against

  • Fire and Lightning (required on all policies)
  • Extended Coverage (optional)
    • Includes windstorm, hail, explosion, riot or civil commotion, damage to insured building from vehicles, smoke, volcanic action
  • Vandalism & Malicious Mischief (optional)

Commercial Fire Policy – Perils Insured Against

  • Fire, lightning and explosion (required on all policies)
  • Extended Coverage (optional)
    • Includes Windstorm, hail, smoke, damage to insured building from vehicles, riot or civil commotion, sinkhole collapse, volcanic action
  • Vandalism & Malicious Mischief and Sprinkler Leakage are generally included