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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Washington FAIR Plan?
Why was there a reference to the FAIR Plan in the cancellation/non-renewal notice I recently received?
Does the FAIR Plan provide insurance coverage on vacant buildings?
Does the FAIR Plan provide the same type of coverage options as companies in the standard insurance market?
Can I choose coverage through the FAIR Plan instead of a standard insurance company?
Is the cost for insurance coverage more expensive under the FAIR Plan?
Are there limits on the amount of coverage available?
How do I know if FAIR Plan coverage is best for me, and how do I apply for coverage?
Will I be assigned an insurance agent to contact with questions about my insurance policy?
Do FAIR Plan policies have deductibles?
What kind of payment plans are available at the FAIR Plan?
If I obtain a policy in the standard market, can I cancel my FAIR Plan policy? How much premium will be returned to me?
Do FAIR Plan policies contain exclusions?
If I am renting property, can I obtain insurance coverage for my personal belongings? Is liability coverage available?
How do I file a claim with the FAIR Plan?
Once I secure coverage through the FAIR Plan, how will I know when I am again eligible for coverage in the standard market?
Where can I obtain further information about the FAIR Plan?