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Producer Information


Any producer who is licensed to write Property & Casualty insurance in the State of Washington can write with the Washington FAIR Plan. No additional appointment is needed.


The FAIR Plan has no agents. We use the term producer to refer to the “insurance agent or broker” who assists the applicant in applying to the Plan and with servicing the account after issuance. Producers (“insurance agents or brokers”) are not representatives or agents of the FAIR Plan.

Producers (“insurance agents”) have no authority to:

  • Act as agents for the FAIR Plan.
  • Bind coverage for the FAIR Plan
  • Settle losses of the FAIR Plan
  • Decline or refuse to insure a property on behalf of the FAIR Plan
  • Act on behalf of the FAIR Plan or commit the FAIR Plan to any course of action.


The Washington FAIR Plan pays 10% commission on both new and renewal business. This is the same for Dwelling Fire and Commercial Fire policies.

Requirement to Assist

Under the Washington Administrative Code, licensed insurance producers are required to assist consumers in applying to the FAIR Plan and in servicing FAIR Plan policies.

WAC 284-19-165: Cooperation of producers. All licensed insurance producers shall provide full cooperation in carrying out the aims and the operation of the FAIR plan.”